Sample Vacation Request Form

Employees wanting to take some time off?  Get our free Vacation Request Form download and print.

The time off request form below for vacations is used when an employee  is seeking to use vacation time. The employee seeking to use their vacation time must complete the form and submit it to their supervisor or manager for their approval. Most organizations require for their employees to give a notice of 2 months, but some require less and some require more depending upon your company. Your organization’s policy and procedures should reflect this time frame required for employees to submit this form and use their vacation time.

The Vacation Request below includes:

  • Employee Name
  • Date
  • Requested Vacation Dates
  • Requested Alternate Choice Vacation Dates
  • Extra Vacation Day Dates in the Event it Falls During Holiday if Applicable
  • Split Vacation Dates if Applicable
  • Human Resources Contact Name & Phone Number
  • For Office Use Only: Approved Vacation Dates and Authorized Signature

The purpose of PTO (Paid Time Off) in an organization is to be able to provide employees with a flexible paid time off from work that can be used for needs such as a vacation, family illness or personal, doctor appointments, school, and other activities of the employee’s choice. The organization’s goal is to reduce unscheduled absences and the need for supervisor oversight.

Small business HR forms or request forms are great tools to help reduce or eliminate many conflicts before they arise. Many organizations find themselves in many problematic conflicts just because they did not take the time to create a form that could have prevented them before they started.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as a sample vacation request template or form or if you are looking for more complex forms for your Human Resources Department or other departments, you can find a variety of popular business forms on for free with no strings attached. These very important tools will help you do your job faster and much more effectively.

Click on the link to download the sample vacation request form below:

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