Valentines Day Flyer, Games & Cards

The Valentines Day Flyer might spread the Office Party news and help your small business office cheer up from all the midwinter blues.

Get your Valentines Day Invitations or Flyers below for your Valentines Day Office Party at your small business. Start livening up the office with some Valentines Day decorations and help get your employees out the midwinter blues and raise employee morale.

The free holiday flyers below for your office can be downloaded for free and printed to help spread the word to all the staff at your company.

Do you need Valentines Day Cards for your employees at your small business? If yes, Click here for your Free Valentine Cards.

Planning an office party for Valentines Day, July 4th or whatever holiday you are planning can build coworker morale and might even help you earn brownie points with the boss. Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you can’t have fund on Valentines Day, unless your company does not allow you have any food at work, etc.

You can keep the Valentines Day Office Party simple by letting each employee decorate their own cubicle with Valentine decorations. Get some Valentine cookies and candies, red balloons, confetti, hearts cascade centerpiece and something to drink and wow you’ve got yourself an office party.

Take the time to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication. It’s an inexpensive way to add a little bit of refreshing silliness and fun just when your employees need it.

You can do a fun Valentines Day Heart Contest game by simply cutting many red heart shapes and taping or stapling them all over a message board or piece of cardboard overlapping some slightly and placing others at different angles on the board. It is difficult to count that many hearts, especially when they are overlapping each other and at different angles so count how many hearts there are before you put them on the board. The object of the game will be the person who guesses exactly or closest to the exact number will win the prize, whatever that may be.

Click Here for More Valentines Day Games and to download the red hearts for the game above.

Valentines Day Printable Certificates are also available free for your office party so you can have your very own awards show for your employees!

There is also a Valentines Day Dinner & Pie Auction Flyer below for fundraising ideas to raise money for your company, etc., simply download and print.

Click on the link(s) to download the Valentines Day templates below:

Valentines Day Flyer

Valentines Day FlyerValentines Day Dinner & Pie Auction Flyer