Volunteer Application

The Volunteer Application is free to download, modify and print immediately for your nonprofit organization.

As a nonprofit organization you definitely need to be careful about who will be volunteering for your company. There are certainly some terrible stories out there regarding inadequate volunteers working for a company causing harm and in some cases causing the company to lose their trust and integrity that they once worked so hard to build. This is why an adequate application form for volunteers is certainly necessary for your company.

Organizations can be held responsible for illegal acts of volunteers including lawsuits from clients claiming abuse unless they have adequate safeguards and paperwork to cover themselves. Usually, nonprofit organizations help protect themselves with Umbrella insurance policies, but these policies with only be in effect with proper documentation on the organization’s volunteers.

The hassle you have to put volunteers through who just want to help your organization is tough, but most volunteers understand because of a few bad cases of volunteers they will have to be checked for everything from background checks to requiring lots of documentation on their application for these precautions.

This application below includes:

  • Volunteer Name, Address, Phone & Email Address
  • Volunteer Availability
  • Volunteer Interests
  • Volunteer Special Skills & Qualifications
  • Previous Volunteer Experience
  • Person to Notify in an Emergency
  • Agreement & Signature
  • Organizational Policy

You can download this application and then convert it to easily modify and add more to it or take away what you don’t want or need. Your organization can vary from another organization in what information you need or you don’t need. Your lawyer could advise you on specifics for your company and exactly what volunteer information should be on your application.

The volunteers that you can trust and that will be an asset for your organization will be the first one to let you know that they understand all the paperwork they have to fill out before they can actually work for your organization. They also will have no problem with a background check or any other safety precautions before they join your organizational team.

Click on the link to download the volunteer application below:

Volunteer Application

Sample Free Volunteer Application[