Sample Work History Form

The sample Work History form will help gather information on the applicant’s work experience and is free to download, customize and print for your small business.

The form below for work experience or history has a couple of samples that you can download and customize to use as a tool to find out just where your applicants have worked and to find out exactly what experience they have in their previous employments.

The form for work history below includes:

  • Sample #1: Please provide a full account of your work experience since high school. If job-related, include military service and volunteer work. If you were known by any other name at a previous place of employment, please state the other full name and date of use.
  • Sample #2: Please provide a full accounting of your work history including periods of time for the past 10 years, whether you were employed or unemployed.
  • Present Employer: Name, Address, Reason for wanting new job, Can present employer be contacted? Yes or No, and Job Pay Rate.
  • Past Employers: Name, Address, Describe Job, Job Pay Rate, Supervisor’s Name and Reason for leaving.
  • Skills: Describe the skills you have that you believe are of value to the position applied for (Example: Machines Operated, Typing Speed, etc.). [Note: Ask about what particular skills are needed in your plant or office. Ask about language fluency only if it’s a business necessity; otherwise, ask after you have hired the applicant.]
  • Bonding: [Note: Ask if an applicant has ever been refused or forfeited a surety bond only if the position that is being applied for requires a boned employee.] Have you ever been refused or forfeited a surety bond? Yes or No, If Yes Explain.

The employer wants to believe that everything on the resume or job applicant is completely accurate but the truth is that a lot of applicants either does not tell the truth or tweaked the resume or job application to make themselves look good or to better their chances of getting hired by the company.

The employer has the option of performing a background check which is a great idea on every applicant unless you know them personally.

Background checks can be accessed online for free. You can surf the web and find websites such as, which is free services or you can find more complex services on the web, which charges for these services.

As a small business owner, I would definitely make background checks a priority before hiring any employee.

You can find background checks for FREE or you have the option to pay for the background check services. This would be a decision for your Human Resources to make in your small business.

Click on the link to download the free sample work history form below:

Work History Form

Sample Work History Form[